Public interest in Russian history and culture is constantly growing. Churches and monasteries, icons and manuscripts, even old photographs and drawings of towns and cities—all these attract not only experts, but people who want to form an adequate picture of the past and grasp the spiritual content of long-gone days.

However not all of these valuable “monuments”, including many high quality works of art, are currently accessible to the general public, and, even more important, can be properly understood by those who grew up in a totally different culture. Clarifying their meaning, explaining their style and forming an adequate idea of their true value—such is the central goal of the “Northern Pilgrim” Publishing House.

One of its most important project is the series “Medieval Russian Art in Russian Museums”. Its goal is to reproduce and study both renowned and little-known icons belonging to the museums of old Russian towns and cities, i.e. Yaroslavl, Rostov the Great, Kirillov, Uglich, Vologda, Kostroma, Pskov, Novgorod, Suzdal, Murom, Moscow and St. Petersburg, etc. Many new and interesting materials will appear in the projects “Monasteries of Russia” and “Life and Narration in Russian Icons”.

Another important projects is the series “Treasures of Medieval Russian Art”. The richly illustrated paper-back editions are dedicated to various churches and cathedrals built between the 11th and the 18th centuries. Here one can not only read valuable information about outstanding architectural monuments, their design, frescoes and icons, but also imagine the broad cultural context in which they existed. These monographs often represent the first serious publication devoted to some of these famous edifices.

Among the staff of the “Northern Pilgrim” Publishing House there are experienced scholars and specialists in the history, culture and art of old Russia. Research works on art history are also actively published, especially owing to the collaboration with the State Institute of Art Studies of the Ministry of Culture. These are monographs, collective works and conference materials. The publishing house also maintains close contacts with various museums across the country, printing for them exhibition catalogues, guides, postcards and so on.

“Northern Pilgrim” Publishing House will be happy to accept any kind of help and support from those who are not indifferent to Russian culture, who consider it important to study and popularize its achievements. At the same time it is prepared to uphold various projects pursuing similar goals.